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The name Kabini is given to the Kabini forest reserve as it is situated on the banks of tributary of Cavery river which is named Kabini or Kapila. The Kabini Forest Reserve is surrounded by two well known National Parks of Nagarhole and Bandipur. Kabini Forest Reserve is situated in the Mysore district of Karnataka state which is at a distance of about 94km from Mysore and 150km from Bangalore.

Bella’s Suggestion: We went to Kabini from Madikeri, Coorg which is at a distance of 120km from Coorg. Likewise, if you are planning a holiday to Coorg then you can explore the wilderness of Kabini Forest Reserve to have a diversified itinerary.

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Our stay at Kabini was hosted by Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge, Kabini which is a premiere property of Kabini region. As the resort is built up around Safari Theme, the rooms are designed as huts and the interiors of the huts are also in co-ordination with the safari theme.

The huts are categorised as:

Pool Huts

Pool Huts at Evolveback Resort, Kabini

Jacuzzi Huts

Jacuzzi Huts at Evolveback Resorts, Kabini

For our 2 days stay at the Evolve Back, Kabini, we had booked Pool Hut and while checking-in the resort, the manager of Evolve Back, Kabini was gracious enough to give us a free complimentary upgradation to the Jacuzzi Hut. Both the categories of huts are equally luxuriously spacious but they are also distinct in how they are built.

The Pool Hut comfortably accommodates two guests and it has one bedroom, one bathroom with a bath tub and one living room and also a spacious sit out area and private space. The Pool Hut also has your very own private pool.

Likewise, The Jacuzzi Hut comfortably accommodates two guests and it has one bedroom, one bathroom with a bath tub and one living room and also a spacious sit out area and private space. The Jacuzzi Hut also has your very own private jacuzzi.
Both the room categories are stacked with guest supplies, dry snacks, coffee sachets etc. which are regularly replaced on request.

Honey Comb Restaurant

Your stay at Evolve Back, Kabini will be enhanced by the lavish spread of various food palates that they curate for their guests as per their likings and taste buds at their in-house restaurants named Honey Comb and The Kuruba Grill.

Unlike the traditional South Indian food served at Evolve Back, Coorg, at Kabini you can relish regional as well as international cuisines from their a-la-carte menu.

The Honey Comb restaurant is set up amidst the nature and adjacent to the Kabini reservoir offering you a panoramic scenic view of the location. You can experience your hi-tea snacking by the setting sun giving you an amazing picturesque moment to yourself. You can start your mornings at Evolve Back, Kabini with assorted buffet breakfast spread ranging from Indian to Continental menu as well as organic options to relish on.


All the food preparations are made by using organic produces of rice, veggies and fruits, honey, milk, dry fruits and cheese etc. This shows that they balance health by not compromising on the taste. 


The Kuruba Grill restaurant overlooks the Kabini River and serves Kebabs and Grills in the menu for a different dining experience. You need to pre-book your dinner if you wish to have dinner at Kuruba Grill because the preparations are made-to order. It is a delight for non-vegetarian and Kebab Lovers.


Evolve Back Kabini provides the following facilities like:


Reading Lounge:
A small library where you can pass your time reading different books about the wildlife in India as well as around the world. The reading lounge is like a Machan that gives an unbounded view of the Kabini River. While reading, you can sip on coffee cups of their in-house brand Siddapur.

The Reading Lounge

Infinity Pool:
If you want to ease out around in the open and be a part of the river landscape then you must definitely experience the infinity pool which is exactly opposite the Kuruba Grill.Also, they have a Family Pool where you can enjoy with your kids and have a good time without worrying about the kids.

The Infinity Pool at Kuruba Lodge

Ayurveda Spa: Vaidyasala
You can rejuvenate yourself with some ayurvedic traditional massages and treatment by consulting the therapists.

The Rejuvinating View of the Kabini reservoir


Boat Safari:
If you go to Kabini then you should definitely experience Nagarhole and Bandipur National Park by booking a boat safari because the Kabini Reservoir divides the Bandipur and Nagarhole National Park. The Boat Safari is one of its kind experience in India to spot the wildlife in their natural habitat.

You can spot various Species of Birds, Herd of Elephants by the banks of the reservoir, Crocodiles, Smooth Coated Otters to name a few. If you are lucky then you might also spot the mighty Tigers.
(We could not spot tigers during our boat safari but the experience was absolutely worth it)

Even if you don’t spot any animal in their wild environment, taking a boat safari is one of its kind experience to get into the skin of wilderness and sink in the beauty of the Nilgiri Biosphere.

The boat safari costs around INR. 2,000 per person and can be booked a day prior. Our booking for the boat safari was hassle-free as all the requirements was taken care by the management of Evolve Back, Kabini. You can board the boat for the safari from Evolve Back, Kabini itself.

Vehicle Safari:


The most contemporary way to explore wildlife is to take a vehicle safari and the same is conducted at the Nagarhole Park in Karnataka. For the vehicle safari it is preferred to pre-book your seats in the jeep because if you do not pre-book, you will have to compromise and explore the jungle in a bus which as compared to the jeep is not a preferred option according to us. But if you stay at Evolve Back, they have their own safari jeeps, but it is always preferred to book in advance. On our vehicle safari we spotted two adult tigers out of which the first one was on its hunt and the second was

lounging around in the open grasslands near the reservoir. We observe the tiger that was lounging around in the grasslands for a good 45 minutes from our safari jeep. We observed him in his routine like drinking water, relaxing in the afternoon heat and also running around in the open grasslands.

Apart from the tiger, in the open grasslands we saw herds of elephants, wild boars, sambhars and deer. It was like a mini animal party because in spite of the presence of tiger, none of the animals were petrified and all were in the harmony of the eco-system. Hence every vehicle safari is unique in its experience with respect to spotting of wildlife, the climate, the routes taken within the wilderness.

As you go deep into the forest, you instantly feel that you are disconnected from the human habitat. It is always preferred to take safari in the summer months because the animals come out of their shelter areas due to excessive heat and hence the chances of spotting increases. The vehicle safari costs around INR. 2,500 per person. All the formalities for the vehicle safari is taken care by the management of Evolve Back by providing your Photo Id proofs, so please carry them along.


Bellas Suggestion: Boat and Vehicle Safaris happen during morning and afternoon but it is always preferred and recommended to take the afternoon slot for both the safaris because it is tried and tested that the spotting of the animals in the afternoon time is higher than in the morning. But as they say, wildlife is totally unpredictable and also depends on individuals’ luck. Hence even f you don’t spot tigers, leopards or the exotic Black Panther in the Nagarhole National Park, you will definitely reminisce the journey within the wilderness.


Boat safari is for 3 Hours starting at 3pm in the afternoon and vehicle safari is for 4 Hours which
starts at 3pm every afternoon. Please check the timings of the morning slot of both safaris with the
management of Evolve Back if you wish to go for the morning safari.

Coracle Ride:

This is one of the complimentary activity offered by Evolve Back, Kabini to their guests. Coracle is basically a traditional round shaped boat made of bamboo, canes and other natural materials. It is one of the ways by which the locals travel in the water bodies of South India. So, the 15 minutes complimentary ride offered by the resort is a must do during your stay to get the traditional feels of South India.

There are other experiences like nature walk evening activities like traditional tribal dances around the campfire, night trails. Hence you can explore varied options of activities as per your interest during your stay but as per our suggestion the vehicle as well as boat safari and the coracle ride are must-do during the stay.

The staff at Evolve Back, Kabini is was very warm hearted as they graciously welcomed us to the property with traditional sounds of Dhol ( an Indian Musical Instrument) and organically grown sugarcane juice. As our check-in formalities got done, we were briefed about the activities happening at Evolve Back, Kabini along with the Safari timings which we have mentioned above. The rooms are maintained and cleaned twice a day and the private pool is also cleaned on request during the stay.

Our 2 days of stay at Evolve Back, Kabini went off in a jiffy as we were all engrossed in the boat and vehicle safari to explore the wildlife of Nagarhole National Park which was the whole point visiting Kabini. The 2 days of our stay was not at all hectic but was all seamless and comfortable as the staff of Evolve Back, Kabini was very cordial and co-operative. 

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