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Offbeat Ladakh – In the Middle of Nowhere

If you want to experience the pristine and magical Land of Ladakh in its most raw and secluded form amidst the local charm and aura and away from the touristy chaos  then Ule will definitely resonate with your travel goals.

This place is so beautiful and untouched that you would just want to laze around and do nothing but admire and appreciate the divinity of this place.

To add further to your experience you can chill around by reading your favourite book, playing with the resort puppies, engaging yourself and your family with some games, talking to the locals to get an insight about their daily lifestyle and sharing your stories with them.

 Accommodation : 

  1. We had stayed at Ule Ethnic resorts which is at about a distance of 70 kms from Leh town and is located on the same road that leads to Kargil. This resort is Eco friendly and blends in the natural habitat of the location.
  2. The electricity is supplied 24 hours usually and each cottage is quipped with its own mini micro hydra power plants and totally support organic tourism.
  3. The have their own apple and apricot orchards and they also form a part of their welcome drink which is a great hospitality gesture. You can even buy some of those fresh and chemical free apples and apricots on your way back.
  4. The food options at Ule Ethnic resorts is very limited because the raw materials that is equipped to prepare meals are grown at the campsite itself. They do not provide buffet set up for meals but you can definitely rely on their food options and not worry about the same during your stay.
  5. You can pamper yourself with some spa sessions at the resort or just be by yourself lazing around on the banks of Indus river experiencing natures natural spa therapy.
  6. Do not expect any mobile networks, WiFi, TV, etc facility but you can make phone calls from the resort reception which is not advisable to do because its extremely expensive on the pocket. This cut off from the world and spending time with your loved ones will be definitely one of a kind experience of digital detox.
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