Salaam Namaste ! We are Nidhishri Rawal and Romika Singh and have been college buddies for over 7 years and come from a middle class family based in Mumbai, India. Since we were kids we have been travelling with our respective families to various places during our vacations and free times and hence the love towards exploring and visiting new places each time has always been increasing. Having a friendship with similar love, liking and interest is like a cherry on the cake and thats how Travebella happened. 

As individuals we have travelled to a lot of different places, terrains and geographies but the essence and the purpose of travel that we share is on similar lines and hence this became the primary reason to establish this travel blog with the purpose of sharing, helping and building a community of like minded travellers who will help and inspire us in the future to explore in abundance. Travebella is a beginning of a new journey for us together and an initiative to share our honest views, experiences and memories. 

Our goal is to share realistic experiences on our blogposts so that our readers can get a true insight through the posts that we share.

Romika at Pangon Tso Ladkah, India
Nidhishri at Boulders Beach Cape Town, South Africa




The Purpose of Travebellas

The purpose of starting Travebellas is to reach out to the people and share our travel stories with the hope that they inspire and influence the readers in some way or the other like how it inspired us all along.  

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