Kanha National Park – An untold story

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The Jungles of Kanha

                                                Did we really spot the King of Kanha?


Not so long ago on 17.02.2017 was the day that can qualify as one of our YOLO kinda day of 2017. Wondering Why?

So, the story goes with us booking 2 slots of wildlife safari at Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India. You must be wondering what is so special of Kanha National Park in India as it is like any other National Park or Tiger Reserve in India and around the world. But no, this is a special and a memorable experience since the time we were planning our safari at Kanha National Park, our eyes and hearts were set on this one particular big cat and this story is about our close and unusual encounter with the most unique and photogenic tiger in the world who is also fondly known as the “King of Kanha”

                 To begin with, we hopped onto our early morning safari at 6 am with our hearts filled with all hopes and with constant manifestation of spotting the King of Kanha at any moment. Trying our luck for over 2 hours during the morning safari was not as fruitful as we had expected it to be. As we were on our vehicle safari we came to a point where we could hear 2 tigers roaring at each other and the vibrations of their roar echoed in the surroundings which made us realise that we are so close yet so far.

                 We returned back to our hotel with heavy hearts but we did not lose hopes at all because our driver was extremely encouraging and assured us that he will try his best whatsoever for us to have an encounter for us to have an encounter with King of this jungle.

                 In the afternoon slot 20 gypsys enter the Kanha National Park for the wildlife safari and all the gypsys take separate routes as per their driver’s knowledge although they are all the time connected to one another through walkie-talkies. We, like all other gypsys chose our own route and headed forward with a last chance as it was like a “Now or Never” kinda situation. As it was afternoon time and the temperatures were high, we reached a place close to a water body which is also the usual hangout spot of Munna.

                 After waiting patiently for over half an hour in absolute silence, we felt a slight movement. There are times when our mind makes us see things that we want to see desperately but they might not be real and we also that that we were probably hallucinating. So, we asked our driver and forest officer whether they are seeing what we are seeing?

                  They affirmed with overjoyed emotions that he indeed is the King of Kanha, Munna himself walking in Slo-Mo towards our gypsy.

at Kanha National Park

What is so special about Munna and why all this while we wanted to see him in particular?

As we mentioned earlier, what makes him most photographed tiger in the world are the stripes on his forehead that read the letters “CAT” and “PM”. To be honest that very moment we could not believe that the celebrity of Kanha was royally walking toward us in absolute silence that we could literally hear his breathing.

 All this while our driver did not communicate other gypsys about this unusual spotting of Munna as he knew how keenly we wanted to have an encounter with Munna and he wanted the surroundings to be unperturbed so that we could get the most of that very moment. We spent a good half an hour observing that charismatic aura of Munna which left us in awe of his beauty. This moment was undoubtedly the highlight of our visit.


King of Kanha

What happened next?

The wait for Munna at Kanha National Park

Gradually the other safari vehicles learnt about his presence that eventually led to over-crowding the area that disturbed his usual course of action resulting in him leaving the place into the hiding that’s when we realised why our driver did not inform the other vehicles else, we could not have made this memory for a lifetime.


  1. Whatever you wish for with all your heart will definitely be served to you hence manifest in the right direction and the universe will help you achieve the same.
  2. Trust your drivers and the forest officials as they know what best can be done.
  3. Don’t scare the wildlife during an encounter and be calm and patient and civilized for yourself and also others around you.

To know more about basic guidelines on how to plan a wildlife safari anywhere around the world click on this link.
Also, check our blogpost wherein we have mentioned India’s top 8 Wildlife Safari Destinations.

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If you are single AF and want to celebrate your single hood without getting encountered with the snuggly couples all around you and here you have chanced upon this article with all the curiosity in heart and this gives us immense pleasure and privilege to be your rightful saviours. The places that we are mentioning under this article are very much worth visiting all round the year as per your choice but as this article is focused on avoiding the honeymooning crowd, it is suggested to not en route to these destinations during the peak of the wedding season.

The honeymooning couples will unquestionably avoid populous destinations and cities which are overcrowded by its own locals and hence they either prefer beach destinations or hill stations. This article embodies only domestic destinations of the Indian subcontinent which are frequented by the honeymooners and should definitely be avoided during the wedding season.



Goa being the most cliched party and beach destination of India is legitimately referred by innumerable honeymooners and anniversary celebrating couples because it provides both luxurious and economical stay for every category of travellers. The beaches that are open to public are relatively jam packed with tourist especially around the wedding season in India during winters are Baga, Calanguate, Anjuna, etc. Hence to avoid the thronging number of tourists and optimally utilise your time and efforts you invested in planning to go to Goa, lets just not keep Goa in the go to list for a span of 4 to 5 months beginning from the month of October.

But if you are keen on exploring a beach destination in India which will serve the purpose of you lounging around the under crowded beached all through the maximum time of the year, then we have a perfect suggestion for you single explorers or if you wish to plan your holiday with your friends and that is Pondicherry.

You can experience Pondy on a very similar budget friendly way as Goa and to add to that you will also be surprised that this little town has so much more to offer than just the pristine beaches.

To know more about our Pondy experience please read our Blog THE GIRL GANG CONQUERING LITTLE WHITE TOWN OF PONDICHERRY 



Shimla being the most preferred hill station of North India gets crammed more by the tourists than the actual local population during the wedding and holiday season. This gives us a perfect reason to not visit Shimla during this particular time. North India is synonymous to hill stations in India that is why the hilly destinations of South India remained unexplored. Instead you can take the route, less travelled upon which take you to the hill stations of South India.

Every hill station irrespective of its location being South or North of India has its own peculiarity and uniqueness but the agenda being to avoid the flock of people to one particular place, we suggest you to explore the Coffee Capital of India i.e Coorg for your holidays.

To know more about stay in Coorg please refer to our article STAYCAYTION IN THE COFFEE CAPTIAL OF INDIA 

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The Hidden Resort in Manor, Mumbai – Silent Hills !!!

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The Pool Side, Silent Hills Resort

Sometimes unpremeditated break from the mundane city life can be a rejuvenating experience for you and your loved ones. One of the biggest challenges that we are facing is extricating oneself from the over demanding family and work life.

Deciding on where to go, what to do in your break is also a task in itself whether to go on a one-day trip, go to an amusement park with kids, go for some water activities or just to spend some leisure time by yourself with your loved ones. We have found answers to all your confusions while you decide to go on for a short break.

The Silent Hills Resort situated on the banks of the Vaitarna river lets you experience all of your holiday choices in its arena. The resort serves its guests with two options like :

One Day Picnic

Water Activities

One day picnic that goes on till the evening time which includes breakfast buffet, lunch buffet and high tea with snacks. During this one day picnic you can enjoy the property that includes the water park, play area for a small amusement park for the kids, rain dance with some DJ arrangement. The resort management provides good resting space along with lockers to keep your belongings and hygienic washrooms and changing rooms for their one day picnic guests so that you are rest assured about your valuables and personal needs.

Although this resort serves only pure veg food to their guests, you do not have to be disappointed or skeptical because they undoubtedly serve the best vegetarian food to their guests and do not compromise on the quality and the taste aspect. We can say this because, we ourselves have experienced it on our visit to the resort.

In- house Guests Stay - Rooms

Super Deluxe Rooms at Silent Hills Resorts

Silent Hills Resort has 3 categories of rooms for their guests who want to extend their stay beyond one day picnic. The 3 categories of rooms are:

Deluxe Room

Super Deluxe Room

Suite Room

The Unique Selling Point of these rooms are that their balconies open to the beautiful Vaitarna River which gives you a spell bounded scenic view of the resort and its premises. The stillness and the calmness of the Vaitarna river will instil a sense of peace within you which will be your most cherished moment of the holiday.

The Vaitarna Restaurant at Silent Hills Resort

The Vaitarna Restaurant in the Silent Hills Resort is exclusively for their in-house guests which serve some amazing vegetarian delicacies that are finger licking good. Our little tip would be to take suggestions from the restaurant staff that will guide you in selecting and deciding your food order.

The Vaitarna Restaurant also comprises of a mini bar which can be enjoyed while you leisure around. The restaurant overlooks the Vaitarna river which is a great deal of “Food with a View”

The room service is also very prompt and swift. So, if you wish to enjoy food in the comfort of your room then that also makes for a good idea. The food is presented in a professional setup that adds onto its deliciousness making it more appealing and mouth-watering.

Activities for in-house guests

>Gym and Jacuzzi
>Indoor Games

>You do not have to worry about the one day picnic guests invading your privacy   because the rooms are located at quiet a distant area from where the one day picnic guests are entertained.

>All the rooms are priced very reasonably and the service that they provide is equally worth all the money that you spend.

>Silent Hill Resorts in its premises has two huge party/ conference halls that can be booked to host corporate meetings/ conferences, family get together, birthday and anniversary parties, wedding or reception parties etc.

>All the rooms are priced very reasonably and the services that they offer to their guests is equally worth all the money that you spend.

>Hence Silent Hill Resorts is an all-inclusive holiday spot that makes for a memorable holiday destination.

>Silent Hills Resort is situated in Manor in the Palghar district which is about a 2 hour drive from the
suburbs of Mumbai City that makes it an ideally accessible weekend getaway.

The Pool Area at Silent Hills Resorts

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5 Reasons to Indulge in A Wellness Forbearance

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Liberate yourself from your daily drills and indulge into a wellness escape. Every human being from a child to a grown up through every stage of life is in clutches of their wearisome routine. In order to breakthrough and pull back from this ho-hum one needs to devote some time to themselves because, You are worth it !!!

Here are some customary reasons for which you need to take a wellness break. 

1) Satwik food forbearance

 As all of us are so pro in shoving junk, fatty foods, spicy and preserved foods, etc down our throats and stuffing our system with negative pranic food, this will over the time definitely flip your system causing various ailments but you can break this viscous circle by signing up into a wellness retreat. As soon as you engage yourself into a wellness retreat you give a much needed breather to your digestive system by treating yourself with food items rich in vitamins, minerals and other vital components that are essential for the body. Foods that generate heat into the body like Onion, Garlic, Meat etc. are usually avoided during the retreat because they have negative impact on the digestive system and the energy of the body. Garlic though enriched with medicinal properties if taken in access can cause an unfavourable effect on human system. As it is well said, “You are what you eat” the food determines the thought process and behaviour and therefore such a wellness retreat would help you to get back on square one to start afresh.

2) Digi-tox

As all of us are so dependent for the smallest of our needs on technology, it seems almost impossible to disconnect from all the hullabaloo that goes around in the world. Hence it is essentially important to once in a while go for a digi-tox in order to reduce the effects of the radiation emitted by various gadgets. For a digi-tox you do not necessarily need a retreat but it can also be done by inculcating a self-disciplinary habit to stay away from the gadget that rule our daily schedules.

3) Meet new people and be-friend them

Such retreats offer various group activities like workout sessions, spa activities, yoga sessions, having meals together, interactive sessions, etc that help you to encounter different people from various walks of like but having a same motto will help you to build new bonds of friendship and together you can encourage and inspire each other to lead a better life. 

4) Become one with yourself

 It is very important to establish a connection with yourself before connecting with the outside world. This wellness retreat helps you to get calm, patient, improve your thinking in a positive way, better health, reduces anxiety and irritation, being able to place others before you and think from their perspective, control your reflexes. All in all this wellness retreat impacts your daily routines as well as cumulatively in the long run make you a better person.

This is the most important reason of connecting yourself within to align your body, mind and soul that a wellness break once in a while is required. 

5) Pampering yourself

Most of the wetness retreat offer you with accommodation which are tucked deep in the nature that gives you a chance to get more connected to the physical world. You can pamper yourself by taking a dip in some nearby stream, lake or swimming pool if the location has one. You can take some spa sessions wherein they offer full body massages targeting the pressure points that relaxes you and has an affirmative change in your body system. The wellness retreat also offer meditation sessions that help calm your inhibitions which will make you more confident, self-reliant and encourage you to follow a disciplined lifestyle.

After coming back to your routine life you should definitely give some time that is at least 15-20 minutes of your day to stay connected and follow what you learnt at the wellness retreat.

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