Tips and suggestions for your journey to Leh-Ladakh !

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Ladakh has been by far our most favourite destination in India for its invaluable and indespensible experiences it has offered us to be cherished all our lives. Leh Ladakh has a diversified geography that encompasses in itself vast expanse of virgin cold deserts, mighty snow clad mountainous ranges of the Himalayas that is complimented by immaculate glacial rivers of Zanskar, Indus, Jhelum, etc.

Leh Ladakh is situated at a minimum hight of about 10,000 ft above sea level, there is a notion that if you are not physically fit to adjust to high altitude then you cannot visit this beautiful part of Jammu and Kashmir. This blog post is primarily dedicated to let you experience the most of your Leh Ladakh trip by following these Tips and Suggestions which we personally followed as guidelines for a successful and comfortable let Ladakh tour.

1. Time to visit

If you want to experience cold and windy side of Ladakh then make a visit in the month of May. If you wish to experience leisurely summery vibes of Ladakh then June and July make for a perfect time to plan your visit.


      May -> 3 to 4 degree celsius during day time and -4 to -6 during night time

      June and July -> 10 to 12 degrees during day time and 5 to 6 degrees during night time

2. Acclimatization

Complete one day rest is compulsory on your arrival at let. It is advisable to give your body a complete rest for minimum of 24 hours from the time of your arrival in Leh because the body needs to get acclimatised and get accustomed to the high altitude terrain.  Avoid any rigorous physical activity so that you will have a seamless stay in Ladakh.

3. Medical precautions

f you are an asthmatic patient, or someone with breathing issues or low bp then you must specifically consult your respective doctor for their advice before planning a trip to Ladakh. Some general medicines that we carried on our trip are : (Please note that these are only for referential purposes, we recommend you to consult your physician)

  • Crocin
  • Combiflam
  • Diamox
  • Gelucil
  • Cough Syrup
  • Pan D
  • Soframycin

4. Stay hydrated to maintain oxygen levels

The most effective and easiest tip that we can suggest for your trip to Leh Ladakh is to stay hydrated all the time. As the oxygen level at that level is low so drinking water at regular intervals will help in maintaining levels of oxygen.

5. Well Experienced Driver

A road trip in Ladakh can be a success only if you have a well   informed and an expert driver to guide you throughout your journey and make it a memorable one.

6. Unhygenic Washrooms

As Ladakh is a very difficult terrain and road conditions are not upto the mark so having a good public washroom facility is a rare possibility and as the road journeys are quite long and time consuming therefore it is advisable to be prepared to use the to so great washrooms & if you are prone to any urinary infections then please carry required medications to avoid the same.


Pro Tip: Just because the washrooms aren’t good please don’t compromise on water intake otherwise you will start having headaches due to drop in oxygen levels.

7. Mobile Connectivity

As you land in Leh, you will have weak or absolutely no mobile connectivity during your stay so if you wish to be connected you can buy the local sim card available in the market area. The wifi in hotels is also not appreciable. Only AIRTEL and BSNL have good connectivity  but only in and around the The Leh City. Since you have no good network you cannot rely on the GPS for routes and tracking.

8. Clothing Items

As Ladakh is a cold destination, even during summers the temperatures are low as compared to other parts of India so we advise you to carry adequate woollens and jackets. Thermals are add ons to woollens and jackets as it will give you extra protection. Carry gloves and beanies because when you visit Nubra Valley and Pangong Tso you will require these essentials items. Wear sports shoes or boots with warm winter socks which will make it comfortable for you to walk around the rustic terrains. 


Avoid wearing heels and Flip Flops at all costs as its not a convenient option.

Other essential Items :

  • Sunscreen Spf 50 +
  • Wet wipes
  • Lip Balms
  • Moisturisers 
  • Sun glasses

9. Food Supplies Stock

As Ladakh has pretty long road journey like from Leh to Nubra and Nubra to Pangong which almost takes 7-8 hours, we suggest you to keep some handy and dry snacks because while travelling you wont find any good restaurants or cafes that can serve you proper food. They will only be available at some junctions. If you are travelling with kids it is better to prioritise their food options they can be fed as per their schedule and choice.

10. Final Address from Travebellas

Ladakh is a destination which needs to be explored with peace and leisure so we advise you to not rush into any activity that might exert you and affect your physical health. Listen to your body and try to maintain a decent pace of your activity which will not affect your overall health during your stay in Leh.

All in all it is all in our heads how we take a destination and how we explore it. If you are yourself confident with a strong urge to explore this beautiful place then all other things will be taken care of automatically.


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The cultural extravagance of Ladakh, India !!!

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The Mask Dance at Hemis Festival
The Opening Ceremony of Hemis Festival
Hemis Monastery during Hemis Festival
The aura of Hemis Festival

We can bet you have never heard about this colourful festival of Ladakh, India – 2019

The land of Ladakh is embellished with the blast of colours and celebrations during the annual festival of the Hemis in commemoration of the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava. This two day jollification festival is organised in the open courtyards of the Hemis Monastery.

This festival is celebrated on the 10th day of the Lunar month, Tse-Chu as per the Tibetan calendar. The dates of the festival for the year 2019 is in the month of July 11th and 12th.

The Open Courtyards of Hemis Monastery

Highlights of this culturally rich festival :-

Full house at Hemis Festival
  • Lamas dance to the traditional folk music and instruments like drums, horns, etc.
  • Mask dances known as the Cham dance that is performed surrounding the centre pole of the monastery
  • A dance that depicts the birth of Guru Padmasambhava. Devil dances that show the rise of good over evil.
  • You will get to see the Ladakh ornaments and outfits that are adorned by the Lamas
  • In the concluding dance the evil mask is destroyed and thrown in different directions which means the soul is liberated and purified after death.
Hemis Monastery
Hemis Monastery

Why to visit Ladakh during Hemis Festival ?

  • Connect to the local folks and their cultural vibe at grassroots level.
  • It is our personal experience while being the part of this festival will help you meet people from diverse nationalities and culture and you will be intrigued to see how they immerse themselves in our Indian culture more than what we do as Indians.
  • Making such offbeat choices will make you a traveller more than a common tourist and we are sure that it will enhance your experience, individuality and perspective as a traveller.  
Lamas Performing the traditional folk dances

This  is our second blogpost in the Ladakh series. To read Sightseeing In Ladakh | What to see? | Where to go? , click on the link.

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Sightseeing In Ladakh | What to see? | Where to go?

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May be the definition of beauty is the well paved cemented road network with modern technologies. As people are going back to their roots and realising the true importance of natural beauty, then what better place to visit a part of India that is untouched and unfurnished and presents itself to you in its most raw state.

We bring to you a series of blog posts that are dedicated to one of the most stunning corners of India located in state of Jammu and Kashmir, the land of high passes and mountains Ladakh !!!

In this blogpost we list out our top most favourite places that you can visit while planning your trip to Ladakh.

Shanti Stupa [Open all days 5am-9pm, No entry tickets]

Shanti Stupa
View from Shanti Stupa

It is a significant tourist spot of Ladakh that is a 2 levelled structure which literally by its name symbolises peace and harmony and was collectively built by the Ladakhi and Japanese Buddhists. To get a splendid view of the Leh City and to avoid the rush hours and also to get connected at a personal level, we suggest you to go during the early hours of the day. 

Shanti Stupa

Leh Palace- [All days open 8am-5pm]

Leh Palace

The notion of a palace that we have in our minds will not match to what you will se when you visit Leh Palace. Originally it was the residence of the royals of Ladakh but now it has become prominent touristy spot. A part go Leh palace is dedicated to showcase the art & culture of Ladakh through Jewellery and ornaments, traditional attires, crowns, Chinese paintings, etc. As you reach the top most floor of the Palace you will get an unbounded view of the barren landscape of Ladakh.

Leh Market - [Open all days]

The Bustling Leh Market
Fresh Veggies on the Go

If you want to connect at a grassroots level of any place that you visit then theres nothing better but to visit the local market which is the most desirable choice. So what can you expect while you visit the Leh Market :

  • Local jewellery & Ornaments 
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Souveniers
  • Prayer wheels
  • Winter Jackets & traditional Hats
  • Local cuisines at local cafes like Momos, Thukpa, Butter and Salt tea, Baked items, Apricots, Apricot syrups, etc.
Freshly baked biscuits in the bylanes of Leh Market
Amidst the Leh Market

Shey Palace- [Open all days ; 7.30am-8pm]

Shey Palace
The Monastery of Shey Palace
View from Shey Palace
Shey Monastery

Shey palace is now a Monastery which is open for the tourists. Earlier it was the summer residence of the Royals. A giant gold plated statue of a seated Shakyamunyi Buddha is worshipped at this monastery and this is the second largest Buddha statue in Ladakh.

As you go on the top most floor of the Shey Palace, you will get a stunning view of the      vegetation of the Ladakh region as contrast to rustic & barren landscape of the Leh Palace. This shows the diversity of Ladakh. Shey literally means reflection. It is said that in the older times there was a lake situated in front of Shey Palace which reflected the magnificent Palace structure being a beauty of its own kind.

Thiksey Monastery- [Open all days; 7am-7pm]

Thiksey Monastery
Auspicious symbols of Buddhism

As the name suggested Ladakh is a land of multiple monasteries so you will find miscellany of monasteries even while you are road tripping. Thiksey is one of the most beautiful monastery that we visited in Ladakh. It is a huge 12 storey structure and one of the main attraction of this monastery is the Maitreyi temple which was installed to commemorate visit of the 14th Dalai Lama. It is a Tibetan style monastery & it is also known as mini Patola.

Patthar Sahib Gurudwara

Patthar Sahib Gurudwara

Located just half hour away from the main city of Leh is the Gurudwara Patthar Sahib constructed in the memory of Guru Nanak. What makes this place the most special is that it is managed & taken care of by our own Indian Army. It is one of the most pious place located in the middle of nowhere but has such an important history associated with it. If you wish to give ur services in this Gurudwara you can by helping them in their daily routine work like doing dishes, keeping surroundings cleans, chopping vegetables or whatever you can do from your end. It is such a fascination and intriguing experience to find a well established Gurudwara in a buddhist dominate region. #IncredibleIndia 

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill

This spot in Leh is a Unique attraction as it defies the laws of gravity which is      intriguing to a common man and hence a popular attraction. Ask your car driver to stop the car engine and then experience what happens next you can also enjoy ATV bike riding experience at this spot.

Sangam Point

Top view of Sangam Point

A seemingly breathtaking view of the confluence of the two mighty rivers of Leh. One being Zanskar and the other being Indus. It is a very unusually charismatic view as both the rivers have their respective identities and you can actually witness the confluence in real time.

You can go for a river rafting experience in Sangam point which can become a highlight of your Ladakh trip. You can visit Sangam Point on your way back from Magnetic Hill and Patthar Sahib Gurudwara.

River Rafting at Sangam Point

Hall of Fame Museum - [Open all days 9am-1pm; 2pm-7pm]

Hall of Fame
Letters from Family to our brave Indian Soldiers

As the Name suggests, hall of fame is a Museum extensively dedicated to the Indian Army and their glorious stories which you can experience through this museum and feel proud about the soldiers who selflessly serve our country with their extreme dedication and honesty.

      What can you explore in the museum;

  • Brave stories of Martyred Soldiers
  • Kargil war information
  • Separate dedicated galleries for Siachin soldiers and arms & ammunitions
  • Helicopters, fighter planes, Tanks
  • Soldier Army uniform
  • Letters received by soldiers from their family members

       There is a small billboard if you like to send message to our beloved soldiers you can surely do so. You can even interact with the soldiers and learn new things about them. It will definitely be an interesting experience.

Khardangla Pass

World's Highest Motorable Road
Khardungla Pass

If you’re starting to feel that driving on a normal well paved road is too basic and mainstream then you are ready to try the highest motorable road of the world. Yes we are talking about the Mighty Khardangla Pass which is a gateway to Shyok and Nubra Valley. it is an unusual experience in itself to drive through this path and it will make you feel that you have really accomplished something. LOL ! As you are amidst the snow caped mountains you can treat yourself with hot cups of tea, coffee or maggie.  


Try not to stay beyond 10-15 minutes as being on a high altitude the oxygen levels are low and it might give you a bad headache.

Nubra Valley

Cold Desert of Nubrfa
The Gateway to Nubra Valley

It is the highest altitude cold desert region of Ladakh which is almost about a distance of 150 kms from the town of Leh. It is one of the most barren yet astonishingly beautiful terrain of Ladakh. There are a very few such locations in the world with such large expanse of cold desert. This is a must visit place and will give you a memorable experience of a lifetime. When in Nubra you will have a different experience of staying in Tents as there no hotels at all as most of the time of the year the region is covered in snow. 


You can ride on the small sized camels on the sand dunes of this cold desert. We    recommend you to stay till the sunset as it will be one of the most stunning sunsets of your lifetime.

The scenic view of Nubra Valley
Unfiltered beauty of Nubra

Diskit Monastery

Maitreya Buddha
View from Diskit Monastery
Diskit Monastery

After you have experienced the cold desert you can head towards the Diskit Monastery also known as Diskit Gonpa. This is one of the largest and oldest Buddhist monasteries of the Nubra region. There is a huge 32 meters statue of the Maitreya Buddha near Diskit Monastery which faces towards the Shyok river flowing towards Pakistan.

This statue was primarily built to protect the Diskit village, to promote world peace and further avoid any wars with Pakistan.

Pangong Lake

The pristine blue waters of Pangong Tso
Some Bird Watching at Pangong Tso

One of the most popular bollywood movie has already given a boost of tourism to this unexplored region. Every Indian knows about this beautiful high grassland lake also known as Pangong Tso.


It is one of the largest salt water lake in the world of which 60% lies in China so you can imagine how close you are to China. There is no connectivity of any kind and you will be literally cut out from the hustle of outside world.


Do not expect any wifi connection and just try to immerse yourself in the scenic beauty. It is almost a 7 hour drive through the rough mountainous roads from Leh but when you see this mesmerising lake you will realise that the tiresome road journey was all worth it. The  spectacular lakeside is only open for tourism from the month of May to Spetember.

The path between Life and Death

This is our first blogpost in the Ladakh series. To read the second series click on The cultural extravagance of Ladakh, India !

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If you are single AF and want to celebrate your single hood without getting encountered with the snuggly couples all around you and here you have chanced upon this article with all the curiosity in heart and this gives us immense pleasure and privilege to be your rightful saviours. The places that we are mentioning under this article are very much worth visiting all round the year as per your choice but as this article is focused on avoiding the honeymooning crowd, it is suggested to not en route to these destinations during the peak of the wedding season.

The honeymooning couples will unquestionably avoid populous destinations and cities which are overcrowded by its own locals and hence they either prefer beach destinations or hill stations. This article embodies only domestic destinations of the Indian subcontinent which are frequented by the honeymooners and should definitely be avoided during the wedding season.



Goa being the most cliched party and beach destination of India is legitimately referred by innumerable honeymooners and anniversary celebrating couples because it provides both luxurious and economical stay for every category of travellers. The beaches that are open to public are relatively jam packed with tourist especially around the wedding season in India during winters are Baga, Calanguate, Anjuna, etc. Hence to avoid the thronging number of tourists and optimally utilise your time and efforts you invested in planning to go to Goa, lets just not keep Goa in the go to list for a span of 4 to 5 months beginning from the month of October.

But if you are keen on exploring a beach destination in India which will serve the purpose of you lounging around the under crowded beached all through the maximum time of the year, then we have a perfect suggestion for you single explorers or if you wish to plan your holiday with your friends and that is Pondicherry.

You can experience Pondy on a very similar budget friendly way as Goa and to add to that you will also be surprised that this little town has so much more to offer than just the pristine beaches.

To know more about our Pondy experience please read our Blog THE GIRL GANG CONQUERING LITTLE WHITE TOWN OF PONDICHERRY 



Shimla being the most preferred hill station of North India gets crammed more by the tourists than the actual local population during the wedding and holiday season. This gives us a perfect reason to not visit Shimla during this particular time. North India is synonymous to hill stations in India that is why the hilly destinations of South India remained unexplored. Instead you can take the route, less travelled upon which take you to the hill stations of South India.

Every hill station irrespective of its location being South or North of India has its own peculiarity and uniqueness but the agenda being to avoid the flock of people to one particular place, we suggest you to explore the Coffee Capital of India i.e Coorg for your holidays.

To know more about stay in Coorg please refer to our article STAYCAYTION IN THE COFFEE CAPTIAL OF INDIA 

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10 Reasons to Visit Oman !!!

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Oman, one of the lesser known and uncommercialized Arabian Sultanate has a different perspective to offer in relation to the Arab culture while it has embraced modernity it is well rooted and grounded to its traditional lifestyle and culture. The geographical platter Oman has to offer ranges from water bodies like Gulf of Oman, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean to the vast expanse of Desserts and Mountainous terrains which makes it a perfect country for you to traverse along.

To discover what you can expect from Oman and Omani Culture read along:

1. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

It is one of the most prime and serene mosques of Muscat and is the only mosque in Oman that allow Non-Muslim visitors. The interiors of the mosque are adorned with beautiful intricate designs and patterns that are enhanced by the chandeliers studded with Swarovski Crystals. To enter the mosque, one needs to cover the body from head to toe in order to respect their culture. The mosque is open to Non-Muslim visitors from 8am to 11am except Fridays

2. The Parliament Building

As it is a parliament building, tourists and common people are not allowed to enter the premises. But from the complex of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, you can admire the white structure of the Omani Parliament as both these places are situated opposite sides of the road. This building is known as the Majlis Oman.

3. Bait Al Zubair Museum

This is museum is like a time machine to the old era of this Arabian Sultanate. In this museum, you can find collections of stamps, jewellery, attires, swords, old coins and rustic medals, antiques and art collections and much more.


This museum opens 9.30am to 6pm (Saturday-Thursday)

Entry fee of Adult is 2 Riyals and Children (10-15 years) is 1 Riyal   

1 Riyal = approximate INR 18

This museum is in proximity to the Al Alam Palace in the historic City of Muscat

4. Al Alam Palace

This palace is one of the 6 Royal Residences of the Sultan of the Oman that is located in Old Muscat. This palace now hosts only official gatherings and functions. The tourists are not allowed inside but can go up to the gates of the Palace and take photographs of this structure. This Palace is surrounded by the Portuguese Forts of the Mirani and Jalali. By visiting this mosque, one can guess the opulence and rich culture of the Oman and its Sultanate.

5. Royal Opera House of Muscat

The Royal Opera House of Muscat is a cultural hub to showcase the global collaborations of different art and culture. If you do not want to watch any shows, you can definitely give a short visit to this beautiful white structure as it is worth the time. To book shows you can visit their official website for timings and cost.

6. Muttrah Souk

Muttrah Souk is situated adjacent to the Muscat Harbour. This local market of Oman has its very own old-world charm and attracts tourist to indulge in some shopping experiences. The souk offers locally cultivated, dates, Kahwa, artefacts, perfumed oils, incense stick, silverware, decorative lamps and a few clothing items, hookah pipes, leather work etc. The Omani halwa that is a very famous sweet item of Muscat is available in Muttrah Souk. This halwa is very similar to the halwa that is available in the markets of Mumbai because of the ancient trade relations with India.

7. The Costal Road along the Muscat Harbour

After shopping at the Muttrah Souk, you can stroll around the breezy coastal road or take a drive to enjoy the panoramic views of the Gulf of Oman. This coastal route follows Ruwi in South of Muscat to Quriyat and Sur on the other.

8. Wahiba Sands

Also known as Sharquiya Sands/ Ramlat-al-Wahiba is situated at a distance of 120kms from Muscat City. The road leading to Wahiba Sands is equally scenic and beautiful and journey is very comfortable and smooth because the roads are well connected and paved. As it is dessert terrain it is always advisable to start early so that you can experience the activities of Wahiba Sands in a pleasant climate. One of the very famous activities and mostly experienced by the tourists is the dune bashing which is even more exciting then the Desserts of Al-Avir in Dubai. Personally, we enjoyed the dune bashing at Oman more than the one which we experienced at Dubai.

After the dune bashing the local tribal people will serve you with local Dates and Kahwas in the traditional huts. Their hospitality is very warm and comforting To know more about the Dubai Experiences of dune bashing follow the link

9. Wadi Bani Khalid

After visiting the Wahiba Sands, visiting Wadi Bani Khalid is like getting transported in altogether different planet. Wadi Bani Khalid is one of the best and popular wadis of Oman. Wadi is basically like an oasis in the middle of an arid dessert regions of Oman. There is constant flow of water in Wadi Bani Khalid throughout the year and the whole region seems like a picture-perfect location on the lines of some beautiful wallpaper. The water is extremely crystal clear with shades of Blue and Green and is like a metaphor to a natural swimming pool surrounded by the Hajar Mountains. If you aren’t a water baby you can surely get a natural fish pedicure for yourself by just dipping your feet on the edges of the Wadis. It also serves as a picnic spot for the locals as well and there are organised shelters and benches to relax and laze around. There is just one café at this tourist point but as it is the only place to eat, the food served is not of a standard quality but the washrooms available at the disposal are clean to freshen up. It is advisable to visit around 4pm in the evening so that you can witness the sunset and the changing colour of the water as per the light of the setting sun.

The distance between Wahiba Sands and Wadi Bani Khalid is around 120kms which can be covered in the span of 1.5 hours and it is advisable to cover these two places on the same day as they are tourist spots outside the city limits of Muscat.

Bellas Suggestion: The tourist spots mentioned from 1 to 8 can be categorised as city sightseeing and is manageable to cover within a day as all the destinations are situated in proximity to each other.

10. Dolphin Watching

For a very unique experience of Oman, you can go for Dolphin Watching that happens everyday between 8am to 12pm and the boats leave at the intervals of 8am, 10am and 12 noon. This Dolphin watching is for about 2 hours and is operated from the Marina Bundar Al Rowdah Boat Club near Al Bustan Hotel. There are definite chances of spotting Dolphins along the coastline of Oman and if at all you are not able to spot any Dolphins, the speed boat ride itself is an exciting experience altogether.

The charges of Dolphin Watching ranges around 15 to 20 Riyals per person. Tickets for kids may vary as per their age. The ticket charges include soft drinks and water. When we went to watch the Dolphins, the sea was extremely rough but was one of the most thrilling 2 hours of speed boat ride that we enjoyed and we also spotted the Dolphins in such rough sea. If anyone has any motion sickness due to sailing in such rough sea then please avoid or take due precautions before you book. Please reach before time as per the slots to get good sitting arrangements in the boats allotted.


Oman is a culinary delight to the non-vegetarian tourist because the Kebabs and the local meat preparations are very famous and have the authentic spicy flavour in them and as Muscat is situated along the coast there are variety of sea food options available as well. You can find high-end cafes along with some budgeted food options in the city of Muscat and it is not a task to find some good food options during your stay in Oman.


Our 2 days stay in Muscat was at Ruwi Hotel which is now also known as Tulip Inn Downtown located on the Al Farahidi Street in Muscat which is situated in the centre point of the city. The hotel has amazing Wi-Fi connectivity and staff is extremely helpful with decent amenities and food options. It is difficult for vegetarian guests to get adjusted to their buffet menu but the staff is very considerate to specifically prepare food as per your vegetarian preferences. In our 2 days in Oman all our meals were at Tulip Inn Downtown. The breakfast spread is very decent and satisfactory to all types of taste buds. They have only one category of room i.e. standard double room. The hotel has swimming pool, gym, fitness centre, night clubs, sun terrace, airport drop and also handles local tours and bookings.

For the costing of the hotel, you can contact the hotel management through their website


We visited Oman in the month of January and the climate during this month is extremely favourable and not at all exhausting. Since it is a dessert country, please avoid visiting during their summer months because you will not be able to even move out of the hotel due to the scorching heat. Ideal time to visit Oman is between December- April.

Bellas Suggestion: Oman is an extremely friendly and co-operative country and it is safe to travel throughout the day and also in the evenings in the city areas of Oman. Make sure to keep your car speed limits in check otherwise you will be heavily fined for over speeding.

What to Wear?

Being an Arab Country, it is not compulsory for tourist to follow their traditional dress code while visiting Oman unless you are visiting their religious places of worship. All said and done please maintain a dress code to respect their culture and tradition. If you are visiting during the months between December- April carry a very light weight jacket because the winters are extremely cold but pleasant.

To apply for Visas of Oman

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A-Z Guide for Dubai Shopping Festival

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If you are thinking that Dubai has created its name of being the most sought-after destination because of its modern infrastructure and some world-famous attractions then you might be having half knowledge about the Heart of the Middle-East because it is a hub for the most popular annual event that it hosts for one and all right from infants to the seniors that being the Dubai Shopping Festival.

It is a month-long event that starts around the Christmas time every year and goes on till the end of January. This being just a rough time. frame. This year the shopping festival is going to be held from 26th December,2018 to 28th January, 2019.

If you are a die-hard shopaholic or recovering from a bad relationship or just want to pamper yourself for all the hard work that you must have put to increase that bank balance, this Dubai Shopping Festival is a perfect place and time to splurge up to your heart’s content. This shopping festival is clubbed with some massive deals and entertainment activities. The deals offered during this shopping festival ranges right from high-end luxurious brands of the world to the local street markets located in the Old Dubai.

The discounts may go up to the extent of 80%, if you are lucky. The locations and the malls where you can experience the gigantic wave of offers is at Global Village, the Dubai Mall, Dera City Center, Gold Souk of Dubai, Desert camps, IbnBatuta Mall, Mall of Emirates to name a few. All in all, every shop located in the nook and corners of Dubai participates in this extravagant month-long shopping festival.

Products that you can splurge on during the Dubai Shopping Festival:

1. Handbags/ Bags: Dubai is very famous for offering some exotic luxurious brand through their in-house brand stores like Aldo, Burberry, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc. you name it, you have it.

2. Perfumes and cosmetics: As we all know, Middle-East has been a centre for some
exceptional fragrances since time immemorial. You can find brands that let you make your own personalised fragrances as per your choice and likings. Dubai has one of the finest hub for cosmetic brans that is available anywhere and everywhere. There are a few brands that haven’t yet established their market in India and hence the Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time to own these international cosmetic products and save on customs.

3. Watches: if you want to keep time under your control and flaunt it with pride then you can buy some high-end watch brands at massive discounts at the Dubai Shopping Festival. Brands like RADO, Michael Kors, Burberry etc. participate in the Dubai Shopping Festival.

4. Gold Jewellery: Dubai is very synonym to “Gold” and anybody and everybody going to Dubai irrespective of the on-going Dubai Shopping Festival, does purchase gold. So why not indulge in some gold shopping during the Dubai Shopping Festival and save some bucks.

5. Spices, Condiments and Dry Fruits: The Middle-East is very famous for dates which ranges wide varieties and qualities and some dates related products like chocolates, sweets and mouth fresheners. Spices like cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, saffron etc. can be purchased at some discounted rates to satisfy your tangling taste buds.

6. Gadgets and Electronics: Dubai is way ahead of the world when it comes to offering and launching of some luxurious gadget brands of the world. It is not only ahead of the world with respect to the launch but also offers it at attractive rates and what better time than the Dubai Shopping Festival to grab on the deals. You can buy cell phones, laptops, home theatres, TV Sets, hard disks etc. at very cheap rates. Just make sure to check how the customs will be paid in your respective countries when you take these gadgets back home.

You do not need any prior bookings or passes for the Dubai Shopping Festival. It is a very open arena to explore but it is always recommended to book the flight tickets in advance because if you have planned your holidays during the Dubai Shopping Festival then there are chances that you will have to splurge more on the flight bookings, so why not just plan in advance, save some bucks and indulge in some extra shopping.

Things to keep in mind while shopping during the Dubai Shopping Festival:

1. Be clear in your mind as to what you want to buy and purchase, so you wont waste your time wandering around without any agenda. After you have tantalized your shopping spree, you can wander around to your heart’s content.

2. You can download the Dubai Shopping Festival App which will help and guide you during your shopping.

3. Start your shopping day early in order to combat the sprawling crowd and to find vacant changing/ trial rooms.

4. If you are going to swipe your Forex Card in order to pay for your shopping bills, please make sure that the card is adaptable to the transactions in Dubai.

5. If you are going with kids, please make sure they are busy in the mall activities that
keeps going throughout the day so that you can shop in peace without worrying about
your little ones.

6. Please make sure to buy clothes that are perfect for your size, utility and if you are
buying cosmetics then it should match with your skin tone because you wouldn’t want
to have a post buying dissonance. O please don’t become over-enthusiastic by seeing
any deals and do consider your utility as well.

To learn about an elaborate itinerary about Dubai, apart from the Dubai Shopping
Festival, please check our blog on The heart of the middle east – Dubai !

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Unmined Tiger Reserve- Kabini

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The name Kabini is given to the Kabini forest reserve as it is situated on the banks of tributary of Cavery river which is named Kabini or Kapila. The Kabini Forest Reserve is surrounded by two well known National Parks of Nagarhole and Bandipur. Kabini Forest Reserve is situated in the Mysore district of Karnataka state which is at a distance of about 94km from Mysore and 150km from Bangalore.

Bella’s Suggestion: We went to Kabini from Madikeri, Coorg which is at a distance of 120km from Coorg. Likewise, if you are planning a holiday to Coorg then you can explore the wilderness of Kabini Forest Reserve to have a diversified itinerary.

You can learn about our blog post on Staycation at the Coffee Capital of India, Coorg.


Our stay at Kabini was hosted by Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge, Kabini which is a premiere property of Kabini region. As the resort is built up around Safari Theme, the rooms are designed as huts and the interiors of the huts are also in co-ordination with the safari theme.

The huts are categorised as:

Pool Huts

Pool Huts at Evolveback Resort, Kabini

Jacuzzi Huts

Jacuzzi Huts at Evolveback Resorts, Kabini

For our 2 days stay at the Evolve Back, Kabini, we had booked Pool Hut and while checking-in the resort, the manager of Evolve Back, Kabini was gracious enough to give us a free complimentary upgradation to the Jacuzzi Hut. Both the categories of huts are equally luxuriously spacious but they are also distinct in how they are built.

The Pool Hut comfortably accommodates two guests and it has one bedroom, one bathroom with a bath tub and one living room and also a spacious sit out area and private space. The Pool Hut also has your very own private pool.

Likewise, The Jacuzzi Hut comfortably accommodates two guests and it has one bedroom, one bathroom with a bath tub and one living room and also a spacious sit out area and private space. The Jacuzzi Hut also has your very own private jacuzzi.
Both the room categories are stacked with guest supplies, dry snacks, coffee sachets etc. which are regularly replaced on request.

Honey Comb Restaurant

Your stay at Evolve Back, Kabini will be enhanced by the lavish spread of various food palates that they curate for their guests as per their likings and taste buds at their in-house restaurants named Honey Comb and The Kuruba Grill.

Unlike the traditional South Indian food served at Evolve Back, Coorg, at Kabini you can relish regional as well as international cuisines from their a-la-carte menu.

The Honey Comb restaurant is set up amidst the nature and adjacent to the Kabini reservoir offering you a panoramic scenic view of the location. You can experience your hi-tea snacking by the setting sun giving you an amazing picturesque moment to yourself. You can start your mornings at Evolve Back, Kabini with assorted buffet breakfast spread ranging from Indian to Continental menu as well as organic options to relish on.


All the food preparations are made by using organic produces of rice, veggies and fruits, honey, milk, dry fruits and cheese etc. This shows that they balance health by not compromising on the taste. 


The Kuruba Grill restaurant overlooks the Kabini River and serves Kebabs and Grills in the menu for a different dining experience. You need to pre-book your dinner if you wish to have dinner at Kuruba Grill because the preparations are made-to order. It is a delight for non-vegetarian and Kebab Lovers.


Evolve Back Kabini provides the following facilities like:


Reading Lounge:
A small library where you can pass your time reading different books about the wildlife in India as well as around the world. The reading lounge is like a Machan that gives an unbounded view of the Kabini River. While reading, you can sip on coffee cups of their in-house brand Siddapur.

The Reading Lounge

Infinity Pool:
If you want to ease out around in the open and be a part of the river landscape then you must definitely experience the infinity pool which is exactly opposite the Kuruba Grill.Also, they have a Family Pool where you can enjoy with your kids and have a good time without worrying about the kids.

The Infinity Pool at Kuruba Lodge

Ayurveda Spa: Vaidyasala
You can rejuvenate yourself with some ayurvedic traditional massages and treatment by consulting the therapists.

The Rejuvinating View of the Kabini reservoir


Boat Safari:
If you go to Kabini then you should definitely experience Nagarhole and Bandipur National Park by booking a boat safari because the Kabini Reservoir divides the Bandipur and Nagarhole National Park. The Boat Safari is one of its kind experience in India to spot the wildlife in their natural habitat.

You can spot various Species of Birds, Herd of Elephants by the banks of the reservoir, Crocodiles, Smooth Coated Otters to name a few. If you are lucky then you might also spot the mighty Tigers.
(We could not spot tigers during our boat safari but the experience was absolutely worth it)

Even if you don’t spot any animal in their wild environment, taking a boat safari is one of its kind experience to get into the skin of wilderness and sink in the beauty of the Nilgiri Biosphere.

The boat safari costs around INR. 2,000 per person and can be booked a day prior. Our booking for the boat safari was hassle-free as all the requirements was taken care by the management of Evolve Back, Kabini. You can board the boat for the safari from Evolve Back, Kabini itself.

Vehicle Safari:


The most contemporary way to explore wildlife is to take a vehicle safari and the same is conducted at the Nagarhole Park in Karnataka. For the vehicle safari it is preferred to pre-book your seats in the jeep because if you do not pre-book, you will have to compromise and explore the jungle in a bus which as compared to the jeep is not a preferred option according to us. But if you stay at Evolve Back, they have their own safari jeeps, but it is always preferred to book in advance. On our vehicle safari we spotted two adult tigers out of which the first one was on its hunt and the second was

lounging around in the open grasslands near the reservoir. We observe the tiger that was lounging around in the grasslands for a good 45 minutes from our safari jeep. We observed him in his routine like drinking water, relaxing in the afternoon heat and also running around in the open grasslands.

Apart from the tiger, in the open grasslands we saw herds of elephants, wild boars, sambhars and deer. It was like a mini animal party because in spite of the presence of tiger, none of the animals were petrified and all were in the harmony of the eco-system. Hence every vehicle safari is unique in its experience with respect to spotting of wildlife, the climate, the routes taken within the wilderness.

As you go deep into the forest, you instantly feel that you are disconnected from the human habitat. It is always preferred to take safari in the summer months because the animals come out of their shelter areas due to excessive heat and hence the chances of spotting increases. The vehicle safari costs around INR. 2,500 per person. All the formalities for the vehicle safari is taken care by the management of Evolve Back by providing your Photo Id proofs, so please carry them along.


Bellas Suggestion: Boat and Vehicle Safaris happen during morning and afternoon but it is always preferred and recommended to take the afternoon slot for both the safaris because it is tried and tested that the spotting of the animals in the afternoon time is higher than in the morning. But as they say, wildlife is totally unpredictable and also depends on individuals’ luck. Hence even f you don’t spot tigers, leopards or the exotic Black Panther in the Nagarhole National Park, you will definitely reminisce the journey within the wilderness.


Boat safari is for 3 Hours starting at 3pm in the afternoon and vehicle safari is for 4 Hours which
starts at 3pm every afternoon. Please check the timings of the morning slot of both safaris with the
management of Evolve Back if you wish to go for the morning safari.

Coracle Ride:

This is one of the complimentary activity offered by Evolve Back, Kabini to their guests. Coracle is basically a traditional round shaped boat made of bamboo, canes and other natural materials. It is one of the ways by which the locals travel in the water bodies of South India. So, the 15 minutes complimentary ride offered by the resort is a must do during your stay to get the traditional feels of South India.

There are other experiences like nature walk evening activities like traditional tribal dances around the campfire, night trails. Hence you can explore varied options of activities as per your interest during your stay but as per our suggestion the vehicle as well as boat safari and the coracle ride are must-do during the stay.

The staff at Evolve Back, Kabini is was very warm hearted as they graciously welcomed us to the property with traditional sounds of Dhol ( an Indian Musical Instrument) and organically grown sugarcane juice. As our check-in formalities got done, we were briefed about the activities happening at Evolve Back, Kabini along with the Safari timings which we have mentioned above. The rooms are maintained and cleaned twice a day and the private pool is also cleaned on request during the stay.

Our 2 days of stay at Evolve Back, Kabini went off in a jiffy as we were all engrossed in the boat and vehicle safari to explore the wildlife of Nagarhole National Park which was the whole point visiting Kabini. The 2 days of our stay was not at all hectic but was all seamless and comfortable as the staff of Evolve Back, Kabini was very cordial and co-operative. 

To learn and know about our Staycation at Evolve Back, Coorg please click Staycation at the Coffee Capital Of India. 

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The Hidden Resort in Manor, Mumbai – Silent Hills !!!

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The Pool Side, Silent Hills Resort

Sometimes unpremeditated break from the mundane city life can be a rejuvenating experience for you and your loved ones. One of the biggest challenges that we are facing is extricating oneself from the over demanding family and work life.

Deciding on where to go, what to do in your break is also a task in itself whether to go on a one-day trip, go to an amusement park with kids, go for some water activities or just to spend some leisure time by yourself with your loved ones. We have found answers to all your confusions while you decide to go on for a short break.

The Silent Hills Resort situated on the banks of the Vaitarna river lets you experience all of your holiday choices in its arena. The resort serves its guests with two options like :

One Day Picnic

Water Activities

One day picnic that goes on till the evening time which includes breakfast buffet, lunch buffet and high tea with snacks. During this one day picnic you can enjoy the property that includes the water park, play area for a small amusement park for the kids, rain dance with some DJ arrangement. The resort management provides good resting space along with lockers to keep your belongings and hygienic washrooms and changing rooms for their one day picnic guests so that you are rest assured about your valuables and personal needs.

Although this resort serves only pure veg food to their guests, you do not have to be disappointed or skeptical because they undoubtedly serve the best vegetarian food to their guests and do not compromise on the quality and the taste aspect. We can say this because, we ourselves have experienced it on our visit to the resort.

In- house Guests Stay - Rooms

Super Deluxe Rooms at Silent Hills Resorts

Silent Hills Resort has 3 categories of rooms for their guests who want to extend their stay beyond one day picnic. The 3 categories of rooms are:

Deluxe Room

Super Deluxe Room

Suite Room

The Unique Selling Point of these rooms are that their balconies open to the beautiful Vaitarna River which gives you a spell bounded scenic view of the resort and its premises. The stillness and the calmness of the Vaitarna river will instil a sense of peace within you which will be your most cherished moment of the holiday.

The Vaitarna Restaurant at Silent Hills Resort

The Vaitarna Restaurant in the Silent Hills Resort is exclusively for their in-house guests which serve some amazing vegetarian delicacies that are finger licking good. Our little tip would be to take suggestions from the restaurant staff that will guide you in selecting and deciding your food order.

The Vaitarna Restaurant also comprises of a mini bar which can be enjoyed while you leisure around. The restaurant overlooks the Vaitarna river which is a great deal of “Food with a View”

The room service is also very prompt and swift. So, if you wish to enjoy food in the comfort of your room then that also makes for a good idea. The food is presented in a professional setup that adds onto its deliciousness making it more appealing and mouth-watering.

Activities for in-house guests

>Gym and Jacuzzi
>Indoor Games

>You do not have to worry about the one day picnic guests invading your privacy   because the rooms are located at quiet a distant area from where the one day picnic guests are entertained.

>All the rooms are priced very reasonably and the service that they provide is equally worth all the money that you spend.

>Silent Hill Resorts in its premises has two huge party/ conference halls that can be booked to host corporate meetings/ conferences, family get together, birthday and anniversary parties, wedding or reception parties etc.

>All the rooms are priced very reasonably and the services that they offer to their guests is equally worth all the money that you spend.

>Hence Silent Hill Resorts is an all-inclusive holiday spot that makes for a memorable holiday destination.

>Silent Hills Resort is situated in Manor in the Palghar district which is about a 2 hour drive from the
suburbs of Mumbai City that makes it an ideally accessible weekend getaway.

The Pool Area at Silent Hills Resorts

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3 Reasons to visit Abu Dhabi !!!

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Abu Dhabi being one of the seven Emirates of UAE and the second most populous city is the capital the UAE and is also closest to the city of Dubai at a distance of 140 kms. By road it takes around 1.5 hours to reach Abu Dhabi. You can hire taxis or cabs which are easily available to reach Abu Dhabi and also you can opt for the bus service that starts from Ibn Batuta metro station 4 in Dubai to Abu Dhabi which will approximately take 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque
9am to 10pm Saturday to Thursday
4pm to 10pm on Fridays

    The heart and soul of any country is its religion and culture. As Abu Dhabi follows the Islam religion, Sheikh Zayed mosque is a very pious place for people following Islam. So on your visit to Abu Dhabi you cannot miss out on this heavenly, serene and beautifully designed place of worship. As you see and admire this superlatively white mosque which takes architectural inspiration from Persia, Indo-Islamic, Mughal and Alexandrian mosques around the world. You will be awestruck by its magnificence and glory. The prayer hall of the mosque has the world’s largest carpet handwoven by 1200-1300 knitters and weighs around 35 tons. The seven imported chandeliers incorporated with millions of Swarovski crystals illuminate and embellish the aesthetics of the Sheikh Zayed mosque.

Beautiful Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Chandeliers with Swarovski Crystals
World's largest handwoven carpet
The Prayer Hall of Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Dress code to follow while visiting the mosque women need to follow the dress code as decided by the mosque committee i.e. to cover themselves from head to toe and avoid wearing tight and revealing clothes. If this dress code is not followed you will be asked to leave the premises and hence to avoid such a situation you will have to follow the dress code guidelines or rent an Abaya or Hijab which is available in the mosque premise itself at no cost but for this you will need to submit your photo Id’s so do carry them along with you.

The mosque is closed for tourism activities on Friday mornings because of the weekly prayers. Visiting hours of the mosque for the holy period of Ramadan also differ so do check the timings before visiting during the Holy month of Ramadan 

Photography of the mosque is allowed both in and outside the mosque premises but please avoid posing for photographs which is strictly prohibited. 

Ferrari World
Open all days of the week from 11 am to 8 pm

 For all the automobile fanatics Ferrari world is the only exclusive Ferrari branded amusement park which is located on the Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. It is the most defined structure of Abu Dhabi skyline and stands out with its very own unique Ferrari shaped logo as its outer shape. It is one of the most leading tourist attraction of Abu Dhabi and hence should not be missed at any cost. It is preferred to dedicate one entire day to get one of its kind experience in the world with blood gushing rides like Formula Rossa, Flying Aces Turbo Trek, The Ferrari gallery etc. and to orient yourself about the history of Ferrari from its inception to buying original Ferrari merchandise from its own in-house shop. All this and much more can be done can be done under one roof of Ferrari world.


Formula Rossa is the fastest roller coaster ride in the world and when we sat on this spine chilling ride it just got our hearts in our mouths within seconds. It runs at a speed of almost 220 kms/hr and hence its only for the brave hearts so do not miss out on creating a world record for yourself. Our most favourite ride was Flying Aces which is known for having the worlds tallest non inverting loop. In this roller coaster you need to board on the military by plane and what happens next experience it for yourself. We are sure that it’ll give you the unexpected intensity of adrenaline rush so don’t miss on it.


There are other kids and family friendly rides which you can be informed of through the map of the theme park provided to you as you enter. Ferrari world offers a lot of cafeteria and restaurants for different food options throughout your visit. Outside food, beverages and snacks are not allowed in the park.


The place can be a little boring for senior citizens and for very small children but there are other entertaining options like Cinema Maranello and the Tyre change show. The Ferrari word is connected to the Yas Mall so after finishing the Ferrari world world activities and if you still have time on your hands, you can take a stroll in the Yas mall as well. 


Tickets for adults and children for one day park pass is AED 295 / INR 5,310

Al Ain Zoo
Open all days of the week from 9 am to 8 pm

     Al Ain zoo is a paradise for children as this Zoo with an area of 440 hectares located in Jabel Hafeet encompasses in itself various animals and reptiles like Lion, Leopards, jaguars, Monkeys, Chimpanzees etc. The Zoo hosts some special activities like Giraffe feeding, Camel riding, Elezba petting which lets the family feed and play with Camels, goats, chickens, ducks and sheeps etc. There is a bird show that starts at 7pm in the evening and goes on for 30 minutes. The zoo is also very well involved in conserving the bio diversity so it will be a combination of fun filled and learning experience. For the zoo you need to dedicate half a day and a lot of walking is required. For the tickets cost there are different packages available.

Connectivity between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi being well known cities of UAE are well connected with daily flights from major cities of India. The flight rates fluctuate and depend on the time you choose to go like for instance, during the new years and Dubai Shopping festivals the rates are very high so planning and booking in advance will help you save on flight tickets.

Visa Procedures

We would love to hear your experiences and how this itinerary helped you to enhance your experience and made it a memorable trip for you.

All about Ferrari

To get information about our accommodation in Middle East read the accommodation in Middle East.

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The Heart Of The Middle East – Dubai

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Do you want to be on top of the world, literally ? Do you want to explore the glamorous city life and unleash your shopaholic self ? Then Dubai is exactly what you’re looking for !!! It balances both the contemporary and conventional worlds together in its cradle. From the glistening city lights, one stop shops, unbounded deserts to the glittering gold souks, Dubai encompasses all of this and much more within its arena and beyond. Dubai is a perfect holiday destination because of its proximity from India, hassle-free visa procedures and other formalities, being extremely kids friendly when compared to other foreign destinations. 

Burj Khalifa

 As you are about to land in the heart of the Middle East your inquisitive eyes instantaneously seek to see the tallest structure of the world that stands tall with pride which will make you feel like you have arrived in Dubai. If Dubai is the heart of the Middle East then Burj Khalifa is undoubtedly its heartbeat. It is this iconic structure that exclusively defines its presence among the other structure which look relatively smaller. Burj Khalifa being the tallest building stands at a height of 828 meters and holds a world record of being the tallest building since 2008. If you want to go on the observation deck situated on this magnificent structure to get a birds eye view of Dubai city alongside vast spread deserts then you need to pre-book your slots well in advance on AT THE TOP. Booking in advance will secure your slots and you should not miss out on this opportunity of being on the top of the world !!! 

Bellas Suggestion : The observatory decks are situated on 124th, 125th and 148th floor so you can decide as per your choice and budget. Also look out on their website for their prime hours as they are subject to change.

The Mighty Burj Khalifa

Ever since we planned of visiting Dubai being at the top of the world was our foremost priority in our Dubai itinerary. Burj Khalifa is situated in the Dubai mall premises so you need to walk for a considerable distance through the Dubai mall for entering the Burj Khalifa building. After passing through the security checks you are divided into groups and directed towards the elevators through a passage that displays a story, facts, people involved and the making of the structure. The elevator takes you upto your respective observatory deck in less than a minutes time and here you are at the terrace of the dreams. The observatory deck made of glass panes offers you 360 degree view of the entire city of Dubai. We visited during the day time likewise you can book your slots to witness the night view as well. The deck is breezy and spacious enough to accommodate good number of people. After the euphoric moment you can get yourself clicked by the professional photographers at a predefined cost. There is a small section dedicated to a souvenir shop wherein you can purchase some Burj merchandise for your own memories or gifting someone back home. 

Dubai Museum
8.30am to 8.30pm : Saturday to Thursday
2.30pm to 8.30pm : Fridays

It is located in the Al Fahidi Fort being the oldest construction in Dubai. The museum displays life sized statues of the local community and it is set up in such a way that it depicts their way of life in relation to their livelihood, business activities, dressing style and the general culture of the Emirates. Entry free for adults is AED 3 that is approximately INR 54 and for children AED 1 which is INR 18.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Mall

 Being one of the biggest malls in the world it is enormous in size encompassing numerous luxurious brands ranging from cosmetics, bakery, food, clothing, handbags, jewelry, shoes, perfumes and much more.

Apart from shopping it also serves other activities Dubai Aquarium, Underwater Zoo, SnowPark, Cinema experience, cafes and kids friendly zone. 

The Aquarium has more than 300 species of Marine Animals including sharks and the underwater zoo makes you feel as if you are walking under water surrounded with fishes.

Dubai mall also has Skii Dubai, an indoor ski resort that gives you an experience of a snowy destination in a desert country. The temperatures are maintained between -2 to -4 degrees and there are many rides that you can enjoy the foremost being skiing. They provide you with all the clothing and equipment to sustain and enjoy the freezing temperatures. The Penguin show that happens at fixed times is a delight for kids as they get to interact and be-friend Penguins. It is a must activity if you are travelling with kids. 

The timings for Skii Dubai are Sunday to Wednesday 10 am to 11 pm 

Thursday 10 am to 12 midnight

Friday to Saturday 9 am to 12 midnight. For the prices please visit their website as various combo offers are available.

The Dubai fountain situated at the very junction of Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa is a delightful fountain show to experience in Dubai. The fountain sprays out water in different patterns and combinations in the air on some catchy music. The fountain is lit with bright lights which enhances the beauty of dancing water. It is free of cost and the show happens every 30 minutes from 6pm to 10pm on weekdays and 6pm to 11pm on weekends that is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The show goes on for 15 minutes which can be witnessed from every point of the lake promenade and the surrounding buildings.

Desert Safari

One of the most popular activities of Dubai is the Dune Bashing or commonly known as the Desert Safari that can be experienced in the Al Avir desert. You need to make prior bookings to ensure slot availability and you will be picked up from where you are located in Dubai City. This is an evening activity starting around 4 pm which goes on approximately till 11 pm which includes complimentary camel ride, henna tattoo making, hookahs, traditional performances like belly dance, tambola dance, fire stunts, etc. All these activities can be enjoyed with dinner which is included in the safari cost itself. The food served in the desert camp is not up to the mark and tasteless for Indian taste-buds so if you wish to carry some light snacks or ready to eat food please do so. Reach well on time for the safari camp activities because the place gets very crowded later in the evening. 

Bellas Suggestions :- Ensure that you have a light lunch before the Desert Safari to avoid any motion sickness and take necessary precautions if you suffer from the same. Since you will have to walk around in the desert sand avoid wearing shoes. If you suffer from back issues or pain in the spinal cord then prefer sitting in the middle seats of the land cruisers. DO NOT miss out on the beautiful desert landscape when the sun sets.

Miracle Gardens
9 am to 9 pm Sunday to Thursday;
9 am to 11 pm Friday and Saturday

The Gigantic Floral Airbus -Guinness World Record Holder structure

 True to its name, maintaining worlds largest flower garden with over 110 million flowers in the dessert city of Dubai is a breathtaking miracle. As you enter you will be left awestruck with the blast of various colours attracting you attention.The garden offers a treat to your eyes with mega floral structures like peacocks, a huge clock, castles, boats, floral canopies with umbrellas, heart shaped archways, teddy bears, owls, trains, cards, butterflies etc and the most iconic floral structure that bagged the guinness world record was of the shape of Airbus 380. Miracle gardens can be the best photoshoot hubs for flower enthusiasts. As the garden is spread over 7,80,000 square feet you can hire polo cars that will take you around the garden if you don’t wish to walk but the polo cars do not stop for any photo sessions. Miracle garden is operational from October to April only. Due to the unfavourable weather conditions during summers it does not operate from May to September. Outside eatables and beverages are not allowed but the garden has its own in-house cafes and restaurant services. The unique thing about miracle garden is every year they come up with varied floral structures so you never know what is in store for you when you visit.

Entry fee : Adult 45 AED / INR 810

                  Child below 12 yrs 35 AED / INR 630

                   Below 2 yrs : Free entr

Bellas Suggestions :- To get good pictures and not get camouflaged with the beautiful background avoid wearing floral prints.

Butterfly Garden

Open all days from 9 am to 6 pm

Adjacent to the Dubai Miracle garden is another beautiful area dedicated to butterflies and insects being one of its kind in the world which includes thousands of species of butterflies sourced from various locations. Its a closed area and the best time to visit is morning or afternoon. It is a delightful experience for children as they can hold and click pictures of the butterflies and also feed them. You will be happily surrounded by swarm of butterflies flying all over the place


Rates : 55 AED / 990 INR

            Entry is free for children below 3 years and physically disabled

Butterfly Garden- Dubai

Atlantis-The Palm

Magnificent Atlantis

   Atlantis-The Palm is a luxury resort property located at the crest of The Palm Jumeirah Island. Palm Jumeirah Island is a man-made wonder of Dubai. The island is in the shape of a Palm tree with branches protruding out and these branches accommodate some luxurious homes and villas each having their own private beach and also a few hotels and shopping complexes. Few villas belong to some famous celebrities of the world. The best way to visit Atlantis The Palm is by taking the monorail. This monorail runs between gateway station in Al Sofoun to the Atlantis Hotel and Aquaventure Waterpark. As the Dubai metro and the Plam Jumeirah monorail is not connected directly, the best intermediate way to reach the monorail station is by taking the Dubai tram. The advantage of riding on a monorail is that, it stands tall at a considerable height and distance from Atlantis the Palm which gives you an opportunity to gaze around the impressive architectural infrastructure of this beautiful man-made island. Likewise to reach Atlantis you can either book local city cabs which are easily accessible.

The monorail ticket for one way is costs AED 15 / INR 270 and return ticket costs AED 25 / INR 450. The monorail operates between 10 am to 10 pm everyday.

Aquaventure Dubai – If you are a water junky and wish to experience some water rides like aquacado, zoomerango, and a must do leap of faith etc and activities like Atlantis dive discovery, dolphin encounter, marines animals and exhibits and much more then Aquaventure is a place to spend an entire day and make the most of the holidays. 

The park is open daily from 10am to sunset and for tickets please check their website as they have various combo offers.

The food at Aquaventure is included in the ticket cost itself.

Aquventure at Atlantis- The Palm

Bollywood Park

Saturday to Wednesday 2 pm to 10 pm
Thursday and Friday 2 pm to 11 pm

Entry to the world of Bollywood Park
A must-do activity ride at Bollywood Park, also it's our favorite ride

 “Agar Bollywood Park ja rahe ho to jee rahe ho tum”

          – Emraan, ZNMD


 If you wish to fulfil your yearning dream of being in some of your favourite Bollywood movies and experiencing the rides themed on some iconic bollywood movie stories then you have to visit this park which is exclusively about all things Bollywood.

“Gyarah mulkon ki police jis don ko dhoondh rahi hai, woh don tumahra intezzar kar raha hai Dubai keBollywood park mein”

            – Don

As we want you all to experience the rides at Bollywood park your way and not reveal the secrets each ride offers, we would like to recommend you two of our favourites and must do rides being Ra.One and Krrish. 

“Ham tum mein itne ched karenge ki confuse ho jaoge ki is ride mein baithe ya us ride mein”

        – Chulbul Pandey, Dabangg


The two iconic shows that take place in Bollywood park are the stunt show based on Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s movie Dabangg and cinematic journey from the sets of Zoya Akhtar’s movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. These are the only two shows that happen on fixed times throughout the day so if you want to experience this keep the time slots of the respective shows free for the same. You can also enjoy rides based on the movies like Lagaan, Sholay, Don etc. There are Bollywood shows and dance performances going on all day long. The Bollywood park as a whole is an entertainment package which is worth all the time and money. Food served at the restaurants is good and reasonable which is included in the entry ticket itself. 

Cost of the tickets for 1 day is AED 175 / INR 3150 (per person)


Global Village

Thursday and Friday 4 pm to 1 am ;
Saturday to Wednesday 4 pm to12am

Global Village, Dubai

  Global Village true to its name is truly Global as you can experience the culture of at least 27 countries at a single place. It is one of the Dubai’s “ALL IN ONE” place for entertainment, shopping and dining. The entertainment includes concerts, dance performances and some traditional stunt shows that you can enjoy while you shop and wander around this massive area assigned to different countries of the world. It is one of the world’s largest tourism shopping, leisure and entertainment project. You can shop for some authentic spices, dry fruits, traditional textiles, footwear, handbags, jewellery, artefacts, souvenirs, sweet meats, etc. All the things on display are usually sourced from their respective countries for which huge stalls are allotted. You can also experience Thai Spa therapies at an area dedicated to Thailand. The Yemen area is popular for its Spices and the China stall serves authentic chinese cuisine and so on for other numerous countries. There is a little boat ride that can be taken around the Global Village which gives you the feels of Venice. There is a corner allocated for funfair activities for children. As this place is very widespread it may be a little difficult for senior citizens to walk around but it is worth exploring as much as you can. Families with small children can take prams on hire available at the counters. There are food stalls dedicated to different cuisines all over the world so you can select from a variety of spread according to your taste and preference.

Global village usually runs between the months of November to April every year with a minimum admission fee of AED 15 / INR 270 and it is free for children below 3 years and senior citizens.

Gold Souk

Boat ride to the Gold Souk

Gold Souk i.e. the gold market is located in the Dubai’s commercial district, Deira. Dubai is very synonym to gold so if your budget permits then you can definitely go on a gold shopping spree at the Gold souk consisting of over 300 retailers. Even if you don’t wish to purchase gold you can just take a stroll around the old gold market and be spellbound by the bling around you. You can take any local transport to reach the Gold souk. We took the traditional boat ride to cross the creek from Bur Dubai to reach the Deira district of Dubai.

Dhow Dinner Cruise

To witness the glittery panoramic night life of Dubai you can board onto the Dhow cruise for your one of the most happening Dinner evenings in Dubai Marina. You can enjoy your Dinner while cruising through the fascinating tall structures decorated with sparkly rides making the town look gleamy and glamorous. The dinner cruise offers amazing buffet dinner with variety of desserts and some local dance performances and live singing jam as entertainment. The cruise begins around 8pm in the evening and it cruises you around the Dubai Marina for a good two hours. You can board the cruise from Deira creek behind National Bank of Dubai and next to the Sheraton Creek Hotel. Every Dhow cruise operating at Dubai Marina is priced differently as per their standards and hence you can book your preferred cruise online as per your budget. 

Visa Procedures

As of 1 May 2017, Indian nationals holding a normal passport valid for a minimum of six months from the arrival date, and a visit visa or green card issued by the USA which is valid for a minimum of six months, can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 14 days for a charge of AED 120 / INR 2,160 (subject to change). They can apply to extend their stay for an additional 14 days for AED 250 / INR 4,500 (subject to change)

Visa formalities and requirements keep changing at different intervals of time, so please keep yourself updated with the visa procedures during your time of visit to the UAE. 

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