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If you are single AF and want to celebrate your single hood without getting encountered with the snuggly couples all around you and here you have chanced upon this article with all the curiosity in heart and this gives us immense pleasure and privilege to be your rightful saviours. The places that we are mentioning under this article are very much worth visiting all round the year as per your choice but as this article is focused on avoiding the honeymooning crowd, it is suggested to not en route to these destinations during the peak of the wedding season.

The honeymooning couples will unquestionably avoid populous destinations and cities which are overcrowded by its own locals and hence they either prefer beach destinations or hill stations. This article embodies only domestic destinations of the Indian subcontinent which are frequented by the honeymooners and should definitely be avoided during the wedding season.



Goa being the most cliched party and beach destination of India is legitimately referred by innumerable honeymooners and anniversary celebrating couples because it provides both luxurious and economical stay for every category of travellers. The beaches that are open to public are relatively jam packed with tourist especially around the wedding season in India during winters are Baga, Calanguate, Anjuna, etc. Hence to avoid the thronging number of tourists and optimally utilise your time and efforts you invested in planning to go to Goa, lets just not keep Goa in the go to list for a span of 4 to 5 months beginning from the month of October.

But if you are keen on exploring a beach destination in India which will serve the purpose of you lounging around the under crowded beached all through the maximum time of the year, then we have a perfect suggestion for you single explorers or if you wish to plan your holiday with your friends and that is Pondicherry.

You can experience Pondy on a very similar budget friendly way as Goa and to add to that you will also be surprised that this little town has so much more to offer than just the pristine beaches.

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Shimla being the most preferred hill station of North India gets crammed more by the tourists than the actual local population during the wedding and holiday season. This gives us a perfect reason to not visit Shimla during this particular time. North India is synonymous to hill stations in India that is why the hilly destinations of South India remained unexplored. Instead you can take the route, less travelled upon which take you to the hill stations of South India.

Every hill station irrespective of its location being South or North of India has its own peculiarity and uniqueness but the agenda being to avoid the flock of people to one particular place, we suggest you to explore the Coffee Capital of India i.e Coorg for your holidays.

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