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Leh City

We had stayed in 3 different properties mentioned below for your reference and bookings

  1. Grand Himalaya : This property is situated at a distance if 3km from the Shanti Stupa and is very close to the Leh Market. Some of the room balconies open to the mystic view of the Leh Palace and the spec white snow clad mountains. The rooms are well equipped with heaters, Tv, kettles, toiletries, hot water, cozy beds and clean and dry washrooms. It is one of the best hotels in Ladakh. You will get 2 complimentary bottles for each room each day from this hotel. The food served is amazing with large spread of buffet. They also have a live counter for fresh sautéed vegetables with your choice of sauces.
  2. Sera Courtyard : This property is situated in the residential area of Leh town and hence does not provide scenic beauty of the mountains from your balcony. You will receive traditional Ladakhi welcome as you check in the Sera Courtyard. The food served is not upto the mark and can be improved. This property provides complimentary water bottles only on the day of your check in and if you need water henceforth during your stay will be chargeable. It was equipped with all basic necessities. This hotel does not have a quick room service and you will have to coax them for daily basic necessities.
  3. Grand Chubi : Most of the hotels in Ladakh will have a structure that resembles the monasteries of Ladakh. This applies for Grand Chubi As well. It is a great property to stay at when you visit Ladakh. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and will try to make you feel at home. The food served is amazing and delicious. They also provide traditional Ladakhi food choices during tea time and also during the meals. The rooms are well equipped with all the basic amenities.  

Nubra Valley

We stayed at Ladakh Summer Camp and Mila Retreat Camp while in Nubra. in Nubra there are no hotels but only tents and camps for stay. Some of the facilities that you can expect from these camps are :-

  1. Tent stays- usually swiss tents
  2. Camp fires
  3. Western toilets with toiletries 
  4. 1-2 hours hot water service depending on your camp operator
  5. Warm quilts and blankets
  6. Hot water bags on request
  7. Basic home cooked food buffet
  8. Power Backup, torches, Lanterns provided

You will surely enjoy your stay in Nubra even though you are staying in tents as it will be a different and memorable experience for you.

Pangong Tso

Holiday Shore Camp – It is no doubt one of the best scenic places to start the morning at but if you are planning to stay over in any tents at Pangong you have to know the follow things –

  1. It will get extremely dark in the night as there are no electricity arrangements
  2. NO network / WiFi connectivity as the area is under the control of Army
  3. The temperatures in the night drop to minimum -11 degrees and the weather gets too windy to bear as it is close to the lake.
  4. You cannot expect extravagant cuisine spread as the area is too remote and far off from the main town.

So if you have breathing issues or you are claustrophobic and have low threshold to cold temperatures then we would recommend you to not stay over night at Pangong Tso  but rather make a days visit and come back to Leh town.

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