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If you are thinking that Dubai has created its name of being the most sought-after destination because of its modern infrastructure and some world-famous attractions then you might be having half knowledge about the Heart of the Middle-East because it is a hub for the most popular annual event that it hosts for one and all right from infants to the seniors that being the Dubai Shopping Festival.

It is a month-long event that starts around the Christmas time every year and goes on till the end of January. This being just a rough time. frame. This year the shopping festival is going to be held from 26th December,2018 to 28th January, 2019.

If you are a die-hard shopaholic or recovering from a bad relationship or just want to pamper yourself for all the hard work that you must have put to increase that bank balance, this Dubai Shopping Festival is a perfect place and time to splurge up to your heart’s content. This shopping festival is clubbed with some massive deals and entertainment activities. The deals offered during this shopping festival ranges right from high-end luxurious brands of the world to the local street markets located in the Old Dubai.

The discounts may go up to the extent of 80%, if you are lucky. The locations and the malls where you can experience the gigantic wave of offers is at Global Village, the Dubai Mall, Dera City Center, Gold Souk of Dubai, Desert camps, IbnBatuta Mall, Mall of Emirates to name a few. All in all, every shop located in the nook and corners of Dubai participates in this extravagant month-long shopping festival.

Products that you can splurge on during the Dubai Shopping Festival:

1. Handbags/ Bags: Dubai is very famous for offering some exotic luxurious brand through their in-house brand stores like Aldo, Burberry, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc. you name it, you have it.

2. Perfumes and cosmetics: As we all know, Middle-East has been a centre for some
exceptional fragrances since time immemorial. You can find brands that let you make your own personalised fragrances as per your choice and likings. Dubai has one of the finest hub for cosmetic brans that is available anywhere and everywhere. There are a few brands that haven’t yet established their market in India and hence the Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time to own these international cosmetic products and save on customs.

3. Watches: if you want to keep time under your control and flaunt it with pride then you can buy some high-end watch brands at massive discounts at the Dubai Shopping Festival. Brands like RADO, Michael Kors, Burberry etc. participate in the Dubai Shopping Festival.

4. Gold Jewellery: Dubai is very synonym to “Gold” and anybody and everybody going to Dubai irrespective of the on-going Dubai Shopping Festival, does purchase gold. So why not indulge in some gold shopping during the Dubai Shopping Festival and save some bucks.

5. Spices, Condiments and Dry Fruits: The Middle-East is very famous for dates which ranges wide varieties and qualities and some dates related products like chocolates, sweets and mouth fresheners. Spices like cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, saffron etc. can be purchased at some discounted rates to satisfy your tangling taste buds.

6. Gadgets and Electronics: Dubai is way ahead of the world when it comes to offering and launching of some luxurious gadget brands of the world. It is not only ahead of the world with respect to the launch but also offers it at attractive rates and what better time than the Dubai Shopping Festival to grab on the deals. You can buy cell phones, laptops, home theatres, TV Sets, hard disks etc. at very cheap rates. Just make sure to check how the customs will be paid in your respective countries when you take these gadgets back home.

You do not need any prior bookings or passes for the Dubai Shopping Festival. It is a very open arena to explore but it is always recommended to book the flight tickets in advance because if you have planned your holidays during the Dubai Shopping Festival then there are chances that you will have to splurge more on the flight bookings, so why not just plan in advance, save some bucks and indulge in some extra shopping.

Things to keep in mind while shopping during the Dubai Shopping Festival:

1. Be clear in your mind as to what you want to buy and purchase, so you wont waste your time wandering around without any agenda. After you have tantalized your shopping spree, you can wander around to your heart’s content.

2. You can download the Dubai Shopping Festival App which will help and guide you during your shopping.

3. Start your shopping day early in order to combat the sprawling crowd and to find vacant changing/ trial rooms.

4. If you are going to swipe your Forex Card in order to pay for your shopping bills, please make sure that the card is adaptable to the transactions in Dubai.

5. If you are going with kids, please make sure they are busy in the mall activities that
keeps going throughout the day so that you can shop in peace without worrying about
your little ones.

6. Please make sure to buy clothes that are perfect for your size, utility and if you are
buying cosmetics then it should match with your skin tone because you wouldn’t want
to have a post buying dissonance. O please don’t become over-enthusiastic by seeing
any deals and do consider your utility as well.

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