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Liberate yourself from your daily drills and indulge into a wellness escape. Every human being from a child to a grown up through every stage of life is in clutches of their wearisome routine. In order to breakthrough and pull back from this ho-hum one needs to devote some time to themselves because, You are worth it !!!

Here are some customary reasons for which you need to take a wellness break. 

1) Satwik food forbearance

 As all of us are so pro in shoving junk, fatty foods, spicy and preserved foods, etc down our throats and stuffing our system with negative pranic food, this will over the time definitely flip your system causing various ailments but you can break this viscous circle by signing up into a wellness retreat. As soon as you engage yourself into a wellness retreat you give a much needed breather to your digestive system by treating yourself with food items rich in vitamins, minerals and other vital components that are essential for the body. Foods that generate heat into the body like Onion, Garlic, Meat etc. are usually avoided during the retreat because they have negative impact on the digestive system and the energy of the body. Garlic though enriched with medicinal properties if taken in access can cause an unfavourable effect on human system. As it is well said, “You are what you eat” the food determines the thought process and behaviour and therefore such a wellness retreat would help you to get back on square one to start afresh.

2) Digi-tox

As all of us are so dependent for the smallest of our needs on technology, it seems almost impossible to disconnect from all the hullabaloo that goes around in the world. Hence it is essentially important to once in a while go for a digi-tox in order to reduce the effects of the radiation emitted by various gadgets. For a digi-tox you do not necessarily need a retreat but it can also be done by inculcating a self-disciplinary habit to stay away from the gadget that rule our daily schedules.

3) Meet new people and be-friend them

Such retreats offer various group activities like workout sessions, spa activities, yoga sessions, having meals together, interactive sessions, etc that help you to encounter different people from various walks of like but having a same motto will help you to build new bonds of friendship and together you can encourage and inspire each other to lead a better life. 

4) Become one with yourself

 It is very important to establish a connection with yourself before connecting with the outside world. This wellness retreat helps you to get calm, patient, improve your thinking in a positive way, better health, reduces anxiety and irritation, being able to place others before you and think from their perspective, control your reflexes. All in all this wellness retreat impacts your daily routines as well as cumulatively in the long run make you a better person.

This is the most important reason of connecting yourself within to align your body, mind and soul that a wellness break once in a while is required. 

5) Pampering yourself

Most of the wetness retreat offer you with accommodation which are tucked deep in the nature that gives you a chance to get more connected to the physical world. You can pamper yourself by taking a dip in some nearby stream, lake or swimming pool if the location has one. You can take some spa sessions wherein they offer full body massages targeting the pressure points that relaxes you and has an affirmative change in your body system. The wellness retreat also offer meditation sessions that help calm your inhibitions which will make you more confident, self-reliant and encourage you to follow a disciplined lifestyle.

After coming back to your routine life you should definitely give some time that is at least 15-20 minutes of your day to stay connected and follow what you learnt at the wellness retreat.

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